About CIA

Louise and CocoRosie are dedicated to The Children’s Imagination Academy being an amazing space for whole-self (mind-body) learning, knowing yourself, creativity, real human connection & FUN. We wish to evolve alongside today’s highly sensitive, new-age kids, and it is our joy to encourage them to explore their highest potential, set strong foundations for the future and always being true to themselves. 

We have been listening to what your kids are saying the really want!

img_2329To “Be Happy!” To “Be Free!” 

To “Play!” To “Build” To “Dance” To “Sing” To “Let It Go!” To “Say what I want to Say”

To “Stop War!”  To “Stretch” To “Paint”  To “Be Kind to Everyone” To “Save Animals & the Planet”

To “Move!” To “Go Upside Down” To “Go Inside Out” To “Be a Silly Sausage”

To  “Be A Rainbow Fairy Mermaid Unicorn Princess” To “Be Extremely Magical!” To “Tell Really Dangerous Stories”

To “Go on Superhero Adventures” To “Have Special Powers!” To “Lie Down and Rest” To “Do What I Love Doing” To “ENJOY OURSELVES”


Henceforth, this is our mission!

Our programme encourages Children to always follow their inner wisdom, make their own discoveries & blossom in their own unique way. Their strength is our strength. We are excited these lil guys are leading us into the future! But like Kermit, we know it ain’t easy being green.


* Imagination Yoga/Children’s Yoga

* Imagination Dance & Drama

* Mind-Body Education, Wellbeing & Self-Care

* Exploring Self Expression & Vitality through; Yoga, Movement, Dance, Music, Character Play, Art, Drawing, Writing, Craft, Construction, Puppetry, Storytelling, Performance, Mixed-Media & more!

* Relaxation Skills, incl: Breathwork & Meditation

* Enhancing Confidence, Compassion, Social Connection, Leadership, Communication Skills & Planetary Awareness

* Questioning & Thinking ‘Outside of the Sphere’, Exploring Future Potential, Problem-Solving & “What Could Be…”

An integral part of our programme is inviting  ‘Guests from Space’ to share their expert skills and knowledge with the Children. If you are keen to join the crew, >>Make Contact!<<

Find out what your fellow Earthlings are saying about us! Read testimonials here…

We believe Imagination is one the greatest treasures in the Universe. And a the key to a great future.


It’s time to  go Solar!