Lou established the Children’s Imagination Academy in 2011 after many years of working with kids and seeing more wholistic education and awareness of their unique essence, is needed in their lives. Lou’s background and professional training is in Western Psychology, Eastern Therapeutic Bodywork (Shiatsu Practitioner), Children’s Programme Management, Youth Mentorship, Kid’s Yoga Teacher, meditation, creative dance, drama & performing arts.

The vision for the Children’s Imagination Academy (CiA) is a heart-centered learning space for Children, that offers support for positive growth on their pathway of self-discovery. Many of our young don’t know how extraordinary they truly are. The Children’s Imagination Academy is the place they can make this discovery.

Lou believes focusing on wellbeing and creativity mindset and being supported on your best path is the number one priority to solve all planetary issues, because how we feel in ourselves has a major ripple effect. We are here to help pave the way for a brighter future for Children here and everywhere. We are also seeking support for our expansion. If you can help in anyway, please make contact!

Our learning spaces are in
Otautahi / Christchurch
Ohinehou / Lyttelton
A O T E A R O A / N E W Z E A L A N D


The Children’s Imagination Academy (CiA) is here
to support the wellness and brilliant minds of our precious Children.

Our focus is wellbeing & creativity education, nature connection, universal unity and empowering kids to know and be their whole, unique and amazing self – for now and always.

We provide a nurturing sanctuary space for everyday-life investigation, mind/body/emotion awareness, positive mindset growth, creative expansion, social connection, innovative thinking, self-reflection, and cultivating confidence to be caretakers of oneself, one another, community
and our amazing planet.

Our Guiding Lights are:


Our brilliant Programme Guides and Crew are dedicated to getting to know your unique Child and supporting them on their unique pathway. We also invite in Guest Artists and Experts for our themes to connect the kids to a broad array of creative, environmental and kidpreneurship opportunities to incite inspiration and sense of purpose.
Please join us on the mission to help pave the way for brighter futures for our kids to be their best, bright, cool-calm-connected, creative-solution-seeking self for now and always.

We are change makers.