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nourishing the whole child

The Children’s Imagination Academy (CiA) is Aotearoa / New Zealand’s first wellbeing + creativity One Day School, dedicated to nourishing your Child as a whole, unique being.

empowering your extraordinary child

Our magnificent team understand the need for your Child to be seen, understood and empowered to be their true unique self – and we invite you to join us in honouring and planting these new educational seeds.

Recent statistics about national concern for adolescent mental health fuel us on our mission, for every Child to have the opportunity to be educated in establishing a positive, compassionate and enduring relationship with themselves from the early developmental years.

our focus is the child’s positive relationship with themselves

time + space to imagine together

The Children’s Imagination Academy (CiA) founded on wellbeing, creativity, nature and unity programmes, provides the soil for your child to feel peace within themselves to grow strong, keep learning and connecting with others, and discover their best solutions.

Also, our focus on iMAGiNATiON immediately connects children with the realm of possibility, positive change and a future of bright-minded, resourceful and courageous change makers who follow their hearts, inner wisdom and take a stand for all they believe in as they grow into mature human beings.

Our values are conscious parenting, child-centered learning and evolving to meet collective needs through ever-challenging global times.

The Children’s Imagination Academy (CiA) One Day School is open Mondays in Ohinehou / Lyttelton, Otautahi / Christchurch and is especially for tamariki / children aged 6-12 years.

We are based in the village of Ohinehou / Lyttelton / Aotearoa / New Zealand / Earth
Let’s keep leading the way!

FOR Children aged 6-12 years

WHY? Give your child the greatest gift of the mind-body education and skills you wish your were taught as a child.
The Children’s Imagination Academy is a peaceful, uplifting, empowering learning sanctuary where your child can get on the right track. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your child is receiving essential wellbeing and creativity education, so they can have an open heart, mind and body that can really learn!

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“What I like most is the focus on teaching the children about the importance of take care of themselves, of their feelings. How to get calm when they are feeling anxious or angry. My son has been sharing his recently acquired knowledge with all of us. Now my kids ask me if I need a hug when I look upset. (This simple question is powerful and magic and automatically melts my bad mood!). Isn’t it the most wonderful gift we can give to our kids?” MARIA AYALA

Through supporting each unique child’s growth we are also supporting more vitally connected families, communities, our planet and creating a greater future together.

rebel hearts connect!

Your child will learn everyday essentials:
>> the mind/body connection
>> their self-care tool kit
>> explore imagination
+ creativity
>> get skilled up by guest artists & experts
>> plan, create, initiate projects
>> enjoy nature experiences
>> relax, reflect and recharge

>> make new friends & have fun!

We also have a weekly Imagination Dance Programme on Thursdays for kids that wish to grow in their creative movement and physical expression.

Hands up if you have a natural born DANCER in the family?
join the IMAGINATION DANCE movement!

Regular dance sessions are 100% magic for the happy, strong, growing bodies and minds. Kids love our weekly imagination dance classes!

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