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Too much going on?? Give your Child some deep space calm these school holidays.

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Ages: 4 – 12

iMAGiNATiON YOGA is Children’s Yoga; Where their infinite love of movement, discovery and imaginative play, become One.
Children’s yoga teacher Siouxie Solar will guide your Child on an empowering adventure where their individual super-powers and unique creative ideas are much needed!

Your Child will learn how to:
>> slow down
>> breathe
>> stretch /explore body & mind
>> connect and create with others
>> balance their strength with peace
>> love and embrace their whole Self
>> have the greatest FUN imaginable!

iMAGiNATiON YOGA introduces our future leaders to beginner’s yoga, meditation and being the master of their everyday choices and actions. Yoga is a solid foundation for all sports activities and life pursuits, so give your precious angels this opportunity to sow positive seeds for future wellbeing and happiness.

General enquiries:

Phone: 0226 250 321
Email: hello@siouxiesolar.com
Website: https://www.imaginationacademy.nz//upcomingevents
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/imaginationacademy


4-6 year olds

Wednesday 18th July 10:00-11:00 am at Mount Pleasant Community Centre

7-12 year olds

Wednesday 18th July 11:30-12:30pm at Mount Pleasant Community Centre

Beginners welcome! Every Child is encouraged to engage at their own level of comfort and experience.

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