Lou Buckingham

I believe humans have gone off track eons ago and lost access to their inner power and this has caused a tumbling history of problems!

My work is supporting children to stay in their beautiful creative centre throughout their formative years and beyond. Growing strong and staying bright.

I hold the vision for the CIA, which is a sanctuary space dedicated to our extraordinary kids, where they can learn essential knowledge about themselves,  have time to reflect and connect the dots between who they are, how they feel and what they love to do. I also feel strongly about the CiA leading the way in new, child-centred ways of educating and learning. So many of us wish we had had a different childhood education. This is my way of doing something about that.

My qualifications are in Western Psychology, Eastern Therapeutic Bodywork (Shiatsu Practitioner) Children's Programme Management, Youth Mentorship, teaching Children's Meditation/Yoga. I teach Drama at the Lyttelton Arts Factory and am the founder of Imagination Yoga and Imagination Dance (NZ).

I'm passionate about working with children, wellbeing, music, creativity, community living, creating change in children's education and bringing awareness to our individual roles as guardians of our extraordinary planet.

Aroha nui xo

POWER ACTIVITY: How would you like our future world to be?
1. Close your eyes and imagine ONE change that could happen on Earth.
2. Write down, draw, design, make, create or say that ONE idea.
3. Action that idea into ONE tiny first step...
Let us know how you go! 



Laura Mackay
I am a CIA programme guide and I organize all of our special creative guests, helping to facilitate the afternoon workshops.
My qualifications are a Bachelor of Nursing and Certificate of Early of Childhood Education, and I have two of my own children.
My passions are visual arts, theatre, creative writing, poetry, storytelling, music, nature and friendship!

I will be helping to create an environment where children can escape in to a magical world of restorative, soul nourishing activity.

I am so excited about being able to expose  children to a wide world of magical creativity. I will be getting artists/musicians/authors/ creatives in to the CIA  to discuss their modality/lead workshops, inspiring the children to discover their own unique interests and strengths.

Everybody shines in their own way! I want to facilitate self care exercises where we will work on filling up their little selves with confidence and strength. I want to help children unravel their authentic self and unique abilities.

I want to take children on magical, restorative journeys using storytelling and poetry, and leave them feeling "full" of all the good things at the end of the day.  




Georgina Rhynd
In 1996 I  completed my degree in Occupational Therapy at the university of Pretoria in South Africa and worked as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist from 1997-2010. 
I spent the years after that raising 3 girls attending playcentre and many joyous activities with them.
I completed my Rainbow yoga training in November 2018 taught yoga classes to beautiful 4-6 year olds whilst doing support work for kids with ASD.
I recently started working as an OT again at the Seabrook Mckenzie Centre for kids with specific learning difficulties.
Children are my passion! Especially seeing them happy and loved and supported to become the best versions of themselves. 
I enjoy yoga, meditation, reiki, crystals, music, nature, stories reading/writing, imagination, spiritual evolution, swimming in the ocean and exploring our planet.
I am excited about this wonderful supportive space for our special young people to be free to explore, create, be, transform, develop and evolve and would love to continue co-creating with kids through yoga and meditation.
Tina Timings

I have over 15 years’ experience working in marketing and business management in London, Australia and New Zealand. I especially enjoy working for start-up organisations, setting up the right systems so that they run smoothly, professionally and supporting the team environment so that they can focus on the children and creativity.

I believe that all children should love learning throughout their most formative years by following their own interest in a supported environment. This in turn helps them to learn what makes them happy, develop their self-confidence/self-belief and understand how to manage their own wellbeing.  

I love watching children learn in a way that inspires and excites them and how this helps to build their confidence and understanding of what makes them happy.

I am currently studying Naturopathy (Nutrition and Herbal Medicine) once I am qualified, I would love to run CIA workshops empowering children to make healthy living choices and to feel great about them to help support a positive connection to their body. 


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