Meet the directors


Louise Buckingham is the founder/director of The Children’s Imagination Academy, creator of Imagination Yoga NZ (Children’s Yoga) and her daughter CocoRosie is the guiding light!

Born and raised in the wilderness of the Catlins, Louise believes Childhood is everything. After experiencing troublesome early years, Louise knows positive seeds for body-mind vitality, creativity and trusting your inner wisdom need to be sown early. The years from 0-12 are where experiential imprints are made for life.

If our kids know how to be true to themselves, hope is infinite.  

Working in leadership roles since 2000,  Louise has a degree in Psychology & Anthropology, Children’s Community Service Management (Dip), Practitioner of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies (Dip) and Rainbow Kids Yoga (RKY) International Teacher. Louise also has completed training with therapeutic ‘Journeywork’, ‘Over The Moon’ Yoga & Dance Studio, Jazz ballet, Classical Voice training. She directed the Organ Factory Kids Club & annual Variety Show for 7 years and has recently become the junior Drama teacher at the Lyttelton Arts Factory.

The character of Siouxie Solar, (a quirky, magical galactic guide) floated into Louise’s imagination in 2007. Shortly after she launched her first dream project  ‘SOLAR REWIND: Wellbeing Workshops for Children of the Milky Way’ in 2008 as Siouxie Solar, which transformed into  ‘Siouxie Solar’s Space School’ in 2010, and then Siouxie Solar’s Imagination Academy in 2012, which is still a work in progress!

Louise loves her family, local community, being green, music, theatre, space and letting her imagination run wild.

CocoRosie is her greatest inspiration and right hand gal. Overflowing with energy, sweetness, abundant creativity, sparkling intelligence Coco knows what kids love best. Watch this space!